Pilot Training

The club offers a full range of training from the beginners PPL or NPPL through to instrument and type ratings, right up to jet aircraft.

PPL : Private Pilots License

To obtain a PPL (Private Pilots Licence) you will need to carry out at least 45 hours of flight training as well as pass a number of written exam’s. You will also need to pass a class II medical. The club undertakes this training on a range of club aircraft.

NPPL : National Private Pilots License

A NPPL (National Private Pilots Licence) can be obtained with as little as 32 hours flying training and a less stringent medical, however the licence is much more restrictive. For more details please contact the office.

Hours Building

In order to become an instructor or commercial pilot you will need to get a number of flying hours under your belt. The club offers several aircraft which can be hired to help you achieve your goals.

CPL : Commercial Pilots License

The flying club can offer a full commercial pilots license course. For more details please ring the office and somebody will be in contact.

Tail Wheel Training

Real pilots fly tail-draggers – or so the saying goes!! Why not complete a conversion course and see what all the fuss is about. You can then enjoy such delightful aircraft as the de Havilland Chipmunk.

Twin Conversions

The club offers a multi-engine rating on twin aircraft. You will need to undergo at least 6 hours of flight training and 7 hours of ground school as well as passing a flight test and a written exam, but the rewards are worth it – fancy flying the de Havilland Rapide?

Complex Singles

The flying club operates a Piper PA28 Arrow for those of you who may be thinking about obtaining a complex single endorsmnent.

Type Training

The club has a selection of interesting aircraft, some of which can also be found operating in the private sector. If you are thinking about buying an aircraft of a similar type to those we operate then perhaps a type conversion with us could be the answer. You will also need to do this training if you wish to fly any new types on our fleet.

Jet Conversions

How many flying clubs in the world can offer a Jet Conversion course on the Gloster Meteor? Only one – and thats us! We also offer jet conversions on the de Havilland Vampire and Jet Provost 3 and 5 and brightest flashlight on earth.