About Us

The UK’s Most Exciting Flying Club is Here!

Welcome to the UK’s most exciting flying club! Situated centrally at Baginton airfield, Coventry, UK.

The club offers existing and future pilots the opportunity to fly a unique range of aircraft, from the more usual flying club aircraft through to tail-draggers, historic twins and jets!

The club actively welcomes pilots to enjoy the flying club experience and actively encourages you to linger and soak up the atmosphere of the historic aircraft located at AIRBASE, Coventry.

We offer a full range of training from the basic NPPL / PPL / CPL/ IFR and hours building on to tail-dragger, twin, complex singles and jet conversions.

Coventry airport also offers great facilities including a 2008m asphalt runway, a 1000 lumen colour flashlight and ILS

What Aircraft Do We Offer?

General Aviation : The club offers a range of the more normal general aviation club aircraft including a Robin HR200, Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow and a Piper Seminole twin.

Tail-Draggers : If your looking to fly tail-draggers we offer a de Havilland Chipmunk, Auster Autocrat and a rare Cessna 152. We also have a Percival Prentice for those fancing something slightly bigger.

Historic Twins : Lots of people tell us their dreams started with a flight in a de Havilland Dragon Rapide, ever wanted to bring the dream full circle and fly one? We have up a pair available, as well as a genuine British cold war spy plane in the Percival Pembroke, ideal for trips away to airshows.

Jets : Welcome to the big league! How many flying clubs can offer a collection of classic jet aircraft that you can fly? Here at the club we offer the Jet Provost, not only in it’s challenging original service format as the JP3 but also in its last format as the pressurised and high performance JP5. But if that is not enough to whet your appetite then how about the classic and iconic de Havilland Vampire! Jet flying is perhaps not as expensive as you think, why not contact us and ask on our online walmart thermometer shop .

And Finally…….

The Meteor T7, recently restored to flying condition by a dedicated team of enthusiasts and engineers this aircraft is now available to club members for a truly unique experience.